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The AFIC team consist of specialists in general corrosion, production, cathodic protection applications, quality assurance and associated disciplines. In addition to the local management and technical expertise, the full range of specialized knowledge, R&D support and financial back-up of its parent group is available. This is seen as being central to their long term aim of providing the Saudi Arabian & Middle Eastern market with the highest level of services and technical excellence that AFIC offer.

The AFIC’s Engineering and Technical Personnel are certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and other recognized institutes. AFIC is also certified as an ISO 9001-2000 company. Our engineers and technicians provide feasibility studies, site surveys, system design, installation supervision, system commissioning & maintenance.

Feasibility Studies
Site Surveys / Investigations
Engineering Design & Calculations
Installation Services
Commissioning Services
Maintenance Services
Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Feasibility Studies
AFIC has the appropriate engineering expertise and resources to conduct feasibility studies on behalf of clients who may wish to determine the viability of providing corrosion protection for their plant facilities.

1. Confirm by field investigations, if a corrosion environment exists.
2. Determine the type of corrosion and its effects.
3. Determine the methods of mitigation.
4. Evaluate costs.
5. Develop technical specifications.

Site Surveys / Investigations
AFIC’s Cathodic Protection specialists are qualified to carry out a variety for site surveys/investigations comprising:

1. Soil resistivity surveys, using either the 4-pin Wenner method or Geonics electro-magnetic techniques.
2. Potential and line current surveys.
3. Close interval potential survey.
4. Holiday inspection of pipe coatings and cable insulation tests.
5. Interaction (interference) testing on foreign structures.
6. Current drainage surveys.
7. Insulating flange / coupling di-electric tests.
8. Collection of any other data that maybe required for the design and upgrade of C.P. system.

In-house design facilities are available for all types of Cathodic Protection Systems onshore and offshore. These may include either conceptual designs or detailed designs, contingent (upon available project information). Design packages usually consist of the following components:
1. Design philosophy.
2. Design criteria.
3. Basic of design.
4. Description of the system.
5. List of materials.
6. Calculations.
7. Typical materials catalog cuts/Data sheets/Specifications.
8. Construction/Reference Drawings.
9. Recommended spares.
10. Construction/Installation Procedures

Additionally, as part of the design function, AFIC engineers also compile manuals for operation and maintenance for the structures to be provided.

As part of its engineering services, AFIC is able to offer comprehensive installation services to its clients. In cases where the client may opt to installed the CP material itself or use its own contractor; AFIC’s engineering department can provide site supervision, technical support, and site commissioning. Either way, AFIC is willing and able to offer whatever service the client requires to satisfy the exacting needs of the project.

Commissioning support services are locally available, through AFIC’s field Engineers and technicians to meet the client’s needs.

AFIC stocks a complete range of test instruments to facilitate all types of commissioning tests associated with cathodic protection system.

Whether a cathodic protection system has been designed and supplied by AFIC or others, AFIC is able to provide a full range of maintenance services required for periodic field surveys or troubleshooting/restoring field operations equipment. Such maintenance services include complete status reports, findings and recommendations.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control
AFIC maintains a comprehensive in-house QA/QC Manual and Procedures to current ISO 9001-2008. All products and services undertaken by AFIC are subjected to rigorous inspection procedures and monitoring in accordance with internal and customer-specified controls.

Our QA/QC personnel monitor the progress of a customer’s order through every step of manufacturing and assembly process. Packaging and shipment of the equipment and/or material is carefully controlled to insure that no damage is done to the equipment or material during transit to the customer’s job site.

Only CP Company in Saudi Arabia
Having ISO 9001-2008

Only CP Company in Middle East
Having NACE Certified CP. Tech.
& Specialists.

Moody Int., Certification
ISO 9001:2000


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