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Miscellaneous CP Material Supplies

Refrence Electrode

Reference electrodes or half cells are required to measure the voltage AFIC offers a wide range of reference electrodes from the world famous manufacturing houses. These reference electrodes are from portable use to permanent applications.

The Copper-copper(II) sulfate electrode

Copper-Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode (Cu/CuSo4)

Copper sulfate reference electrodes (CSE) are the most commonly used reference electrode for measuring potentials of underground structures and also for those exposed to fresh water. CSE are not suitable for use off-shore environments or in a chloride electrolyte as the chloride ions migrate through the porous plug and contaminate the CSE.

The portable type CSE are composed of a copper rod, saturated solution of copper sulfate and a non-conducting cylinder with a porous plug at the bottom as shown in above picture.

AFIC can supply a wide range of CSE those are intended to use in soil applications and are made for portable use or for permanent installations i.e., suitable to use along the pipeline route or under the above grade storage tanks etc.

Silver chloride electrode

Silver chloride electrode

Silver-silver chloride (Ag-AgCl) reference electrodes are most commonly used for testing cathodic protection corrosion control system in sea water environments. The Ag-AgCl electrode is also used in concrete structures. There are two types of Ag-AgCl reference electrodes; in one type the silver electrode is exposed to seawater and in the other the electrode is immersed in a potassium chloride (KCl) solution contained in a cylinder with a porous plug.

AFIC can supply a wide range of Ag-AgCl reference electrodes those are intended to use in seawater applications and are made for portable use or for permanent installations i.e., suitable to use along the off-shore structures or inside the water storage tanks etc.

Zinc Reference Electrode

Zinc is commonly used for onshore and offshore corrosion potential measurement. Zinc reference electrodes are not stable in carbonates or at high temperatures. For underground use, the zinc electrode is packaged in a cotton bag containing the same backfill as used around zinc anodes. In off-shore zinc electrodes used bare.

AFIC can supply all kind of Zinc reference electrodes those are intended to use for on-shore applications i.e., under the above grade storage tanks or off-shore in seawater a bare.

Insulating Joints

Double Insulation Set

Isolating flange kits are required to restrict the cathodic protection current to the underground portion of the structure and isolate the buried structure with above ground structure. Normally isolation gas kits consists off one piece of insulating gas kit, one full length of insulating sleeve, two insulating washers and two steel washers for each bolt from both sides of the flange.

To order the insulating flange kits following parameters are required;

Outside Diameter of the pipe line
Pressure rating of the pipeline
Type of IF i.e. full face, raised face or only ‘O’ ring.
Contents of the product i.e. gas, oil, chemical etc.

AFIC can supply any kind of electrical insulating kits for any size. Kindly contact AFIC sales department for further assistance.

Thermite Weld Materials

Thermite Weld Materials

Thermite welding is the process of igniting a mix of high energy materials, also called thermite, that produce a metallic slag that is poured between the working pieces of metal to form a join. In the thermite weld process thermite weld powder ignited at high temperatures by using flint gun. A violent reaction occurs that produces through reduction and oxidation a white hot iron slag and vaporous aluminium oxide. This form of welding is widely used to weld cathodic protection cables to structure i.e., pipelines, storage tanks, etc.

AFIC stocks most common type used for cable size 10sq.mm to 16sq.mm. However bigger or smaller sizes also can supply with appropriate powder charge sizes along with flint gun to ignite the powder.

Groundbed Materials

AFIC is capable to supply most of the items required to complete the anode groundbeds those are not limited to following;

Surface PVC / Steel casing
PVC Vent pipes
PVC non-vent pipes
Steel support pipes with welded angles
Calcined coke breeze
Anode centralizers
Anode surface markers
Anode lead casing
Anode vent caps with PVC pipes for watering

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