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Solar Power Supplies

The solar power supply (SPS) is normally required in remote regions where commercial power (AC power supplies) is not readily available. The SPS provision for cathodic protection is specially designed and manufactured to converter solar power (energy) into DC current to protect the underground metal pipelines, storage tanks, bridges, or other exposed structures to mitigate corrosion. The SPS operates directly from storage batteries common to photovoltaic systems for continuous operations during no sunlight.

A single photovoltaic cell produces very small voltage and current. Therefore, in order to meet the desired level of current and voltage outputs, design engineers connect photovoltaic cells in series to achieve the desired voltages and in parallel to achieve the required currents.

AFIC can design and supply SPS in accordance with your specification and requirements. The following are the standard ranges for SPS;

Standard Features

Photovoltaic Arrays (Solar Panel/ Cells)
Battery Backup
Charge Controller


Constant Voltage
Constant Current
Half Cell Voltage Regulator
Output Voltage: 2.0 to 24.0 Volts
Output Current: 0.1 to 40.0 Amps
Half Cell Voltage: 0.2 to 3.0 Volts
Remote Monitoring

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